A Cell Phone Recycling Pioneer Since 2002

The wireless industry has revolutionized the world and enhanced our lives in countless ways, but has simultaneously brought on a growing environmental concern. There are now more mobile devices (7.2 billion devices) than people on planet Earth. Wireless devices contain numerous toxic elements, including lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorine and arsenic. Over 750 million mobile devices are retired worldwide annually, yet only 20% are recycled in any form or fashion. It is critical that economically and logistically viable zero landfill recycling solutions are implemented, as the billions of retired mobile devices pose an existential threat to our planet’s ecosystem.

Founded in 2002, GRC Wireless has emerged as a leader in cell phone, smartphone & tablet recycling. We are the pioneer of Incentive Based Recycling, a recycling system designed to maximize the financial return to our participants. We believe that the key to sustainable, long term device recycling is strong financial incentive to the recycling entity. As such, we designed all aspects of our recycling model around this singular principle. Our programs provide innovative zero landfill programs designed to incentivize businesses, lost & founds, nonprofits, government agencies and law enforcement organizations to responsibly recycle cell phones, smartphones & tablets. GRC Wireless has responsibly recycled over 10 million devices since 2002, and our participants have earned tens of millions of dollars through our family of buyback and recycling programs.

We Transform Environmental Challenge into Great Opportunity

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Over 10 Million Devices Recycled Since 2002
GRC Wireless Market Watch Interview
GRC Wireless Market Watch Interview
GRC Wireless Market Watch Interview
Zero Landfill Recycling
SmartphoneTradeIn.com adheres to a strict zero-landfill policy.
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